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harry2467     09/14/2019 20:22 PM

May 22nd – Submitted my DOB change application at CKGS after approval of consulate general of India at Atlanta.
May 23rd – Status was showing under review at Embassy in CKGS website... BTW you can check your status on this https://portal2.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/statusTracker/trackStatusInpNew website as well which obviously did not know till July 2019.
Your file number is listed on the back of your passport…

June 25th – Emailed Consulate general of India to inquire about my status… They said, your application is sent for clearance at RPO Ahmedabad, as soon as we received positive reply, we will issue your passport...
Waited one more month and then lost my patience…
July 22nd – Called RPO office at Ahmedabad to inquire about my status… I was lucky they picked up my phone after substantial number of calls... They hardly do… The answer was “Your application has just arrive at my desk”
July 24th – They sent request to Vadodara Municipal Corporation department of birth, death and marriage registration for my birth certificate verification.
July 25th – They sent notification to Police Superintendent for my police verification… (I did not understand why they did PV)
July 28th – Police verification was done with my father in india…
July 30th – My father approached Vadodara municipal corporation department..
August 12th --- RPO could see PV and BC verification in their system..
Between August 12th – September 3rd - Everytime we went to office they told us , that we have already notified Atlanta office… But in reality they never did…
Then I got so frustrated and open up RTI , and by September 9th , I received my passport…
• Once your passport application is at consulate, follow up with them and ask the status… They are very responsive and professional.
• If your passport has been sent for clearance in India, follow up with RPO ASAP… They will not touch your file until you remind them at the RPO at Ahmedabad….

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