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Romimax     09/16/2019 16:41 PM

I have given my interview on 13th Of Sep 2019 at Mumbai.

My details below

Work Experience : 4 Years 7 months
Current company (4th company): 1 Year 8 months
Purpose of visit : Business Conference
Number of days : 4 days
Marital Status : Single
Annual Income : 5 Lacs
Age : 26

VO was a male and he seems strict

VO : What is the purpose of your visit ?
Me : I am going to attend the one day workshop and annual conference. Attending this conference would help me in enhancing my skills.

VO : How long you are with your current company?
Me : 1 Year 8 Months

VO : What's your designation?
Me : Associate Consultant

VO : What you will be learning from the conference?
Me : I said technical terms in 2 lines.

VO : Sorry, You are not eligible for the visa this time.
Me : Thank You.

No documents asked. I had my invitation letter and conference registration and hotel booking.

I don't even know the reason why he rejected. It was unfair for me.

Need your help. Please do suggest?

Can I reapply again ??

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BLADI     09/16/2019 23:47 PM

How do you conclude he was unfair to you?

Single, young, unmarried travelling for a 1 day conference to the U.S- that's an outright denial.
No one spends $3000 for a 1 day conference unless s/he is a business executive with a history of such travels. That's why DS-160 asks if you have previous travels and the first thing Consular asks is your Passport to flip the pages and check for travel history.

You can re-apply if you so wish but be prepared to answer the question [What has changed].


Romimax     09/17/2019 00:33 AM

Thanks for your comments.

You are right. I have no previous travel history.

It's a 3 days conference and my client is sponsoring for the trip.

Client wants me to reapply as I have 1.5 months more time for the conference.

Nothing has changed. But I haved filled DS 160 with limited information last time in brief about your job and I found my work phone number was updated incorrectly.

Is there a chance to get Visa at the 2nd attempt?


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