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Waitinglist     09/16/2019 16:48 PM

Hello all ,

After two years long difficult journey , we finally got our Green Card. I thank God for being with us during entire journey. Praise GOD , Praise JESUS.

Here is our timeline:

Filed: September 2017
Sep 2017 - i140, i485, i765, i131 filled concurrently
Oct 2017: notice of biometric
Dec 2017 : i765 and i131 approved
 Jul 2018 : RFE of i140
Sep 2018: i765 and i131 filed again
Oct 2018: i140 approved
 Oct 2018: Case transferred to nbc
 Nov 2018: i765 and 131 approved
Nov 18, 2018: moved to new address
Dec 2018: notice for interview
Jan 4: 2019 interview done
Jan 4, 2019: status changed as interview complete and case must be reviewed
May 25, 2019: interview cancelled
 Jun 2019 : Second interview scheduled
Jun 2019: interview cancelled
 Jul 2019 interview scheduled
Aug 2019: done interview but Visa unavailable and had to wait September 2019
Sep 4, 2019: card being produced
Sep 6, 2019: card mailed
Sep 10,2019 : card in hand

All the best !

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Chaus     09/16/2019 16:59 PM

Hi, congrats. I just finished with my interview. Do you know where can I check my status?


EB1CRahul     09/16/2019 17:50 PM

which country and which category (EB1,EB2) and whats your priority date?


Waitinglist     09/17/2019 09:51 AM

PD date was Sep 2017, EB1 from Nepal


Waitinglist     09/17/2019 09:51 AM

Hi ,

You can check at USCIS website by putting SRC number . Or, you can get email or message notification too.


asvb     09/16/2019 21:06 PM

Confused with timeline. Do you mean, you appeared for IOS interview twice in Jan and Aug month respectively?


Waitinglist     09/17/2019 09:52 AM

Thanks ! Yes, had two interviews because of address change in between this process . One interview at Baltimore and second at Fairfax Virginia .


asvb     09/17/2019 11:55 AM

Thanks! And congrats again...


fdb2171     09/19/2019 12:31 PM

Can you please share your interview experience? I have an interview coming up in October in Fairfax, VA. Were you asked lots of question or just the ones in your i-485? Thanks in advance.


Waitinglist     09/20/2019 14:14 PM


My interview process was smooth. Since we already had first interview at Baltimore on I485, here we were only asked just basic questions on new address and what my husband office does.And to our surprise, we were asked marriage based questions in informal way . Like how we met and got married, date of marriage, love or arranged etc. Usually in past , for EB1 these questions were not asked but for us they asked .

It was 20 minutes.
All the best !


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