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[email protected]     09/17/2019 05:47 AM


I have my visa biometrics on Sep 27th and appointment on 30th Sep 2019 respectively

I have mentioned all the details in the DS-160 form correctly

But i have made a mistake in the profile created i have interchanged my first and last name in my profile

I made the same mistake for my spouse and child's name.

Is there any way to correct the name in the Visa appointment form before Visa interview.

Any inputs will be appreciated.

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[email protected]     09/17/2019 06:30 AM

Talk to the VFS support or send a email


immhelp_78     09/17/2019 11:30 AM


No worries create new DS-160 from current application. Carry old and new DS160 (corrected) confirmation printouts. VFS office is able to map the new DS160 against paid visa fee. Part of the Bio-Metric check VFS team validate these demographic info and ask you to correct anyway.
To save time, carry the updated DS160 and show them to update your record with new DS160 confirmation number.

All the best for your interview


H1Bsiv     09/23/2019 05:34 AM

You can login with old one and at end you can crate new application using old one as it save more time to fill all the data again. Just correct the data and submitted it will give new confrontations number. Carry those and use for appointments.


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