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X24     09/17/2019 10:28 AM

Hi everyone! Status of my EAD says “New Card is Being Produced” but on my AP application stays “Case was received”. Will I still receive the Combo card?

Date Filed: July 1, 2019
Receipt Date: July 4, 2019
Biometrics Date: August 1, 2019
August 4, 2019: Case Status Changed to Fingerprint Review Was Completed for I485 (AOS) & I765 (EAD). I131 (AP) remained Case was Received.
September 16, 2019: I765 (EAD) case status changed to New Card Being produced on my case tracker app.
Service Center: Texas to NBC
Application Type: Employment Based, EB3

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CTwolf     09/17/2019 14:32 PM

Yeah you’ll receive the combo card. Did you expedite? Thanks


X24     09/17/2019 19:05 PM

Thanks! No, I did nothing. I only updated our address last week since we move first week of September.


X24     09/18/2019 02:10 AM

Just an update: AP status has been changed to Case was approved just tonight.


swordman     09/19/2019 21:47 PM

So you got approval right away without an interview?


X24     09/21/2019 02:20 AM

You don’t need an interview for the combo card.


X24     09/21/2019 02:26 AM

Another update: as of 11/20, status has been changed to Card was picked up by the USPS and as per tracking, I have receive it by Monday 9/23. Thanks everyone for all sharing your experiences here!


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