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ab1234     09/17/2019 11:07 AM

first of all i need to thanks this forum which helped me a lot in how to prepare and answer in the visa interview.

i have completed my bio metrics on 9 th sep , and i have an B1 visa interview on 10 th sep 11.15 am slot, i have reached the Chennai us consulate and 10.30 and waited in the queue and they allowed as per the time slot,around 11.15 i went inside after completing the security check,and i was allotted counter no 2 .

VO : Step forward, GM how are you .
Me : VGM Sir , i am good thanks! how are you doing today.
VO : I am good , its a sunny day today.
Me : yes sir
VO : pass me the passport please .
ME : passed the passport .
VO : tyong on the system for 30 sec , and looking at this system why are you going to USA.
ME : i have a business review meeting , followed by production release and training on new tool which our client acquired.
VO : which place are you travelling.
ME : Newjersey.
VO : Are you only or any one from your company also travelling.
ME : we are 4 people travelling .
VO : can i see your invite letter.
ME : i just passed it to him , he saw it and started typing on the system.
VO : Cant this be done online.
ME : no sir , we have a production release and we faced lot of issues in last release so my client wanted me to be present there to overcome the technical glitches.
VO : are you a lead.
ME : I am an senior consultant but i lead a team of 5 members.
VO : oh nice,how many weeks you are going to stay and what is the agenda.
ME : 2 weeks and i said the agenda, which is mentioned in invite letter.
VO : are you married.
ME : no sir i am engaged , getting married in dec .
VO : wow , he said and started tying something in his system and he asked how many years are your working with this compnay.
ME : said 4 + years.
VO : he again started typing for 30 sec and finally he said , your visa is approved and he handed over a slip and said you can collect your passport in 3 working days .
ME : with a smile !! Thanks sir have a good day and i left.

My suggestion is don't get panic or nervous by seeing rejection or approvals in front of you , just go with cool mindset and maintain eye contact and answer confidently .


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