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CTfiler     09/17/2019 14:49 PM

Hello All,

I have received that NBC received my I485 in June 2019. And until now nothing has happened and I have no idea if it is transferred to local field office. Is there any way for us to know if it is transferred or is still at NBC. Do you have any idea for how long NBC waits to send the documents to local field office? Thanks!

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hunnyk1     09/17/2019 22:42 PM

hey i m also june filler case in nbc my city new have.
case stuck in finger print review completeed aimce 2 months


LaurenAB     09/18/2019 00:54 AM

Hi I am Lauren, I live in west haven , NBC received my application first week of July and I did my biometrics August 1,2019 and my status changed to finger print reviewed on the August 4th, 2019. There has been no changes since.


andreal1     09/18/2019 16:26 PM

Same situation. Sent my file in the middle of July (NBC) and Biometrics were completed in August 20th, 2019. My current status is "Fingerprint Review Was Completed" since August 25.


LaurenAB     09/18/2019 00:56 AM

I have been wondering if they send it to the Hartford local office too but I am not sure how I would even find out. Maybe we would have to call USCIS and ask about our case status


CTfiler     09/18/2019 09:29 AM

I am thinking of calling them after waiting for few more days.


CTfiler     09/18/2019 09:28 AM

I did my bio-metrics in July 2019. Status has changed to finger print review completed a week to 10 days after bio-metrics were given.

Got my I-130 approval last month and I am wondering where my I485 would be.


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