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Aksana90     09/17/2019 17:01 PM

My EAD was approved on September 11. The status changed to "New card is being produced". Do you know how long might it take to receive a card? I live in Texas and my petition was submitted to NBC. Do you know if I can call and ask them from a tracking number? Thanks

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Richard101096     09/17/2019 17:07 PM

When did you file? I filed in March and still don't have an EAD.


cibrahim2019     09/18/2019 09:22 AM

If the card was produced on the 1th you should have a tracking number by now. You can log into your USCIS account and it may be there or you can call and request it.



Gianna     09/19/2019 01:56 AM

They approved my EAD card exactly the same day as yours. I checked my account a few moments ago and my status changed and now it says that they mailed the card on 09/18/19 and request a new card if I don't receive this one until 10/3/19. They didn't provide me with a tracking number yet.


seekinghelp01     09/19/2019 20:13 PM

did you receive your card in hand. Whats your receipt date


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