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arunjnu08     09/18/2019 14:10 PM

Visited US Embassy in New Delhi at 12 Sep 2019.

This was my 2nd attempt for visa. First was in 2014 when it was rejected.
Here is my conversation with VO, who was an aged man.

Me: Good Morning sir
VO: Good Morning, your passport.
VO: your purpose of visit?
Me: I am lead at xyz company. Currently handling the team of abc application. I am going for team sync up meeting with our US team member. X and Y are our partners they will also join us.
VO: you are working for xyz company here in India?
Me: Yes
VO: for how much time
Me: 8 years
After that he checked my other visa and asked
VO:why did you visit these 2 countries
Me: For attending training and company work.
VO: ok you'll get your visa tomorrow.

My suggestion is to be confident and make eye contact. Your body language should be positive.

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