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Kolkata2019     09/19/2019 01:06 AM

This was first attempt which was held on 17th Sept in Kolkata

VO : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning & hand over the passport

VO : Purpose of travel to US
Me: I work as Finance Manager with xyz company .Shared company details in brief. We are kickstarting FY20 Financial Forecasting exercise going to attend business meeting related to same.Where Global leaders going to present FY20 Business strategies.

VO: Checks about my previous travel abroad
Me : No Travel

VO : Income
Me : Annual Income in XXX Lacs

VO : How long associated with current company
Me : less than 2 months

VO : Do you manage any Team
Me : Currently working as Individual Contributory role

VO : Duration of intended stay in US
Me : Mention the date as per DS160 .Then clarify in weeks (3).

VO : Sorry Visa is rejected.

Can you please share what could be the reason for rejection.My company have asked to reapply at the earliest as I need to there in US for very important assignment.
I am a qualified accountant having 16 years experience currently based in Bangalore.

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BLADI     09/19/2019 02:53 AM

Duration with company less than 2 months.

Working in capacity INDIVIDUAL contributory role and they are already sending you for a Financial forecasting meeting!

That alone qualifies for a rejection since the trip is unnecessary per how you answered the questions.

Other things like lack of previous travel et al.


Kolkata2019     09/19/2019 08:48 AM


Thanks a lot for your input.

As I need to reapply shortly can you please let know what details I need to change in order to have a chance.

Can you please share your contact details just wanted to discuss to on this aspect.



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