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Rama Thalapathy     09/19/2019 05:55 AM

History of Rejection:
I have my L1B rejected in 2012(Note: I have applied for an L1B visa along with my husband as a dependant). And My husband H1b rejected earlier this year.

I have attended the B1 VISA interview yesterday and it got Rejected . Please tell me the reason for rejection

Can I have a Passport??

What is your position in XXX?
Sr database administrator

How long you are working in XXXX?
6 month

why the meeting is in the USA ?
Since the majority of our team stay in USA the meeting is arranged in USA

Why you have been chosen to go?
I have to give a presentation about the newly launched monitoring tool XXX and I am the senior person I will attend the meeting and communicate the details with other teammates stay over here in india

Which place you are visiting?

How long the conference will take
One week.

IS anyone travels along with you
No one for DBA conference.

VO: Sorry could not approve VISA this time.

Rejected with reason 214(b0

Could someone tell do I have scope to enter the USA. Just want to confirm should I proceed with reapply B1 Visa. And what are all the things I have to change in my answer to convenience VO?

Someone, please help me out.

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BLADI     09/19/2019 22:47 PM

You have been with the company for 6 months and yet you told Consular you are the most senior person? is that in terns of age or work experience....

Reason for meeting is vapid.

To the Consular s/he already has figured that you have immigrant intent based on previous application rejections.

You can re-apply but you face a mountain hill.


syed_khan     10/04/2019 05:54 AM

Problematic terms:

- Majority of the team members in USA. (Very bad reason)
- Only 6 months in current company.
- No need to tell "DBA conference".


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