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praveepe     09/19/2019 13:29 PM


I have Visa interview scheduled next week and I want some help with below things to see if there are any corrections or revisions needed? Also let me know if it is a lengthy explanation and everything is OK?

Purpose of the visit: My Plan is for 4 weeks (I am writing bit longer below to justify reason for 4 weeks and every information below is true)

We have a new version of xxx tool released recently and there are couple of customer visits planned as they interested with it . So I need to be there for the Integration & collaboration meetings with customers along with different teams over there to discuss about the enhancements and challenges. And I am planning to visit our data center and also have some internal meetings with our team to fix the transition issues and process enhancements which helps once I am back to India

Why you are chosen but not others?

I am the senior engineer working since 5 years for those customers as a technical landscape owner and I have done few POC's with our latest version to validate its functionalities successfully. So I have been chosen for this visit

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BLADI     09/20/2019 23:52 PM

When you say your plan is for 4 weeks, who is making that decision? you, the company sending you or where you will be attending training.
If you are going to the U.S on a B-1 visa, when talking to the Consular
avoid personalizing business meetings, training with words like "MY PLAN".

Your DS-160 will determine merit: previous travels, monthly income, how long you've been with the company, marital status, age, etc etc.

Confidence is KEY. Show the Consular you are the SINGLE most point of contact for that specific account, specialisation.
Expect to be asked why can't it be conducted via conference or why can't the company/client come to where you guys are.....


praveepe     09/21/2019 02:20 AM

Thanks for the response dude. Appreciate your time in helping out each other here

The main thing I want to know is : Will there be a problem if I update clearly about my purpose of visit with 5-6 lines or VO would be interested only with short answers with just 1-2 points?

And for other thing, since client is US based and they faced issues during previous releases they want me to be physically available in our head quarters for all discussions as I need give some presentations & explain all new features & fixes. Any better answers do I need to provide?


Harshit2019     09/26/2019 18:32 PM

Please share your experience with us. It will be a help for me.


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