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sanjeevsharmaiitr     09/20/2019 13:25 PM

Hi I have my B1 Visa interview next week.

I am travelling for 1 week business meeting with a very big OEM in US. That OEM is sponsoring the entire trip. I myself am a startup founder in India.

Although my startup doesn't generate revenue and thus I don't take any income. Does anyone have experience with having no income slips to present to the Consular?

What other documents are typically asked. I have travelled to US twice in the Past. I had F1 visa for my PhD admit at a top 15 us university in 2014 but I didn't go for phd so didn't utilize the F1 visa. I have lived in Canada as well for two years and in Israel for 8 months.

Last time I applied for US visa in India was in 2010 and that was J1 visa.

Just wondering what are all the documents typically needed for the B1 interview in India? The US Embassy website doesn't really list the supporting documents.

Thanks, any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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BLADI     09/20/2019 23:46 PM

Expect to be asked your Passport.

Travelling to the U.S twice and not overstaying helps your case.

Consular might ask how come you never used the last F-1 visa you were issued - be ready to explain that [AT LEAST IT SHOWS YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO MOVE AND LIVE THERE].
You can expect to be asked how you sustain yourself considering you have no income.

Expect to be asked about where you're going with this start-up and when you expect to start earning.

I think your background history is good. I would't worry about what documents to bring as they are moving away from physical documents and now they're profiling mental documents and preparation. However carry the invitation, your work start-up documents and confident explanations.


sanjeevsharmaiitr     09/22/2019 04:02 AM

Thanks for clarifying.

I am wondering do I have to carry original B. Tech and MS degrees from India and Canada or just photocopies would suffice. During my F1 visa interview in Canada, I don't recall if I carried my original B. Tech degree from India, but they asked lot of questions regarding what I studied at iit roorkee in India. They didn't ask for degree copy though.

Also, I read somewhere on the internet, specifically for Indians applying for B1 that we should carry any award or recognition as well. My research is covered by both national and international media, and they can find information on websites and social media (as they ask for social media links in DS-160).

I have also received two awards, one national and one international for my research. I am wondering if just email copies of these recognition would suffice -- in case if they ask?



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