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avy003     09/21/2019 00:19 AM

This forum has been very helpful considering my apprehensions on B1 Visa rejections.

I attended my interview on 20th Sep at Mumbai Visa Consulate. From what I could understand during my waiting time in the queue is that the visa officers are looking for confident people who are demonstrating the purpose honestly. I saw a lot of visas being approved at all counters, however the rejections were totally for people who were fumbling while demonstrating the purpose of visit. Below is my experience:

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: To meet the associates and business stakeholders, attend internal team meetings to learn from them and apply those learnings in the work when I come back to India. A training program is also scheduled in the same duration. (I guess the catch here was mentioning that I plan to return)

VO: Do you have the company letter?
Me: Handed him the invitation letter and training plan

VO: When did you join the organization?
Me: 2018

VO: Still not clear with what you do, can you please elaborate?
Me: I work as Analyst in the investment banking division. I want to gain a better perspective of work in my team which would not be possible to learn over calls. This will help me in properly managing the work from India.

He kept on typing over his system and then the golden words "Your Visa is approved"

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