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praveepe     09/21/2019 02:32 AM

What would be the best way from below for "purpose of visit" expected by VO?

Update clearly with the complete plan with 5-6 lines (or)
Update with short straight forward answers with just 1-2 lines?

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BLADI     09/27/2019 23:50 PM

I don't know about 'EXPECTED by V.O'. V.O knows nothing about your business or trips - S/he just asks questions BASED ON the information you give on application and the continuation of questions asked.

If it is a B-2 visa, tell him/her the reason you are going....in essence, why you would be willing to spend $3000+ to go visit the U.S for 1-4 weeks.
Consular makes decisions based on a hOLISTIC approach they look at everything starting with the DS-160 which is LAW mandated, then your personal history from travels etc

If it is a B-1 visa, tell Consular the real reason your company is sending you for. When you are explaining; use actions verbs and explain to him in a way even a kid can understand. HOWEVER, it is IMPERATIVE you give the Consular Officer information so that s/he can decipher that this is an ABSOLUTE necessary trip that requires physical presence because of the skills & experience you possess.


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