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Harshit2019     09/25/2019 18:40 PM

I have my B1 visa interview schedule in next month .
I decided to get help from you guys .
Below are the question for which k am not sure. If I am giving the right answer.

VO- what is the purpose to visit USA
My reply/ Purpose of travel is to attend business meetings and discussions on abc project with our business partners which will help to streamline there financial process . This is the reason I am going to meet with client and business leader to get an understanding of project, do requirements gathering and discussion about project scope. And then come back and discuss with my team to how to proceeds further.

VO- Why company chosen you not another?

My reply- I have been working in this company for 2 year and the project is related to my domain so I know the interlocks of module quite well. I have recently got an award for work I am doing. Currently I lead a team of two people. Business think it is better if I attend this meeting and share my inputs so it will help to complete this project as soon.

VO- why not managers go in your place? Why you

My reply- as I said earlier because of my long time associate with the company , I know the model quite well. My manager is new to the company and he is going through transition phase. My directors, by looking my performance so far think I can accomplish this job of understanding to priorities of business well and then I can get my team implement them upon my returning .

ViO- why it can not done online or why it can not possible from here.

My reply- the team in america participated in online programme, they physically came to my company and the last stage of implementation include travel from my side to go learn it before it goes live.

Please assist me and if you think I should make any changes so please let me know

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BLADI     09/25/2019 22:18 PM

First things first, if it is a genuine business trip, do not rehearse, how you fill out your DS-160 and the confidence you carry during the interview will show.

Purpose of visit - The last sentence sounds potent. You knowing your field better, I would try to use action verbs and explain it to the Consular in a way even a kid can understand HOWEVER, infuse wording that shows your physical presence at client site is ABSOLUTE.

It's better to say you have been working on this project since 2017 rather than say you've been at the company for 2 years; do not open Pandora's box. Americans love to ZOOM in.

Why were you chosen? That's why you were hired, that's what you bring to the table, your history of success with different projects prior to this one.


syed_khan     10/04/2019 05:35 AM

You are over explaining every question that was asked. Keep it short and simple.


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