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Senthil_7     09/27/2019 02:55 AM

My B1 was approved today.
I had a L1A rejection 3 years back. I work for the same company for the last 7 yrs.

I didnt want to post the Q&A with my visa officer like others. However here are the things I learnt from my previous rejection

- Keep it Simple: Do not add any other things when you meet the officer that you are not aware of. You have to first believe yourself and things you do in your company. Keep it simple and straight
- Keep calm. Visa interviews are always nerve recking. I warmed up my conversations with Auto driver while going to US consulate. That helped me to calm down my nerves.
- Do not over prepare. If you give the correct information, you know what to say to officer.
- Be confident at the same time polite
- Smile
- Be loud when you talk to the officer
- Do not worry about previous rejections, each case will be a new case
- Do not worry if someone gets rejected in front. Their case is entirely different than yours.
- Be clear on your roles and what you are going to do in US.

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Senthil_7     09/27/2019 02:58 AM

The above is just my experience on what I did.

Please interpret at your own risk as Im not liable or responsible in any manner for using the above general suggestions for the visa.


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