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Pranav Joshi     09/27/2019 20:04 PM

Great to see people getting OCI cards in 4-5 weeks (vs 60 business days as mentioned on ckgs site)
I have applied for minor OCI this week and have travel booked in 7 weeks, hope to get it by then.

Would like to add one thing
This time I was asked to get birth certificate apostilled (wasn't asked when I had applied for my older son). Getting apostilled was kind of not easy in Oregon, only one office in entire state does apostilled. Luckily I could get it all done in less than a week.

Application Received, Not verified : Sept 17th
Verified, incomplete : Sept 18th
Add Documents received, Verified : Sept 25th
Processed and Transit to Embassy : Sept 26th
Under Process at Consulate, Passport verified and returned to CKGS and shipped to applicant : Sept 27th

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Yousufarkay     10/18/2019 21:34 PM

What is the current status? My application just updated as US passport dispatched by CKGS, so want to calculate rough ETA for my application.


Pranav Joshi     10/23/2019 15:43 PM

OCI processed on 10/23.
lets see when it reaches SFO and then my home


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