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shobhit.gupta     09/30/2019 13:37 PM

I had my VISA interview on 6th Sept 2019 in Delhi.

I was asked about why i need to go to US ?
TO attend Business Meetings & Project related Discussions
What was my engagement with US People ? What was your role ?
I explained i am the Analytics guy in the Project where i shall discuss about the Analytics deliverables with the Business Stakeholders in supporting the Business of my Company
What is your designation ?
Analyst in Pharma XXX company

Sorry We cannot send you now ?
A letter with Section 214 B written

My profile : 28 years, unmarried , earns 11 lpa

Now second interview scheduled 1 month afterwords in Hyderabad, now how should i go about it ? pls advise

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shobhit.gupta     09/30/2019 13:44 PM

i am well prepared this time with detailed agenda for 2 weeks (earlier it was 4 weeks due to feestive season in India ) , in detailed manner. Also i have strong ties to India in a way tht there is inauguration of my home in Delhi & my family lives here in India I need to quickly go for 2 weeks , involve in Project related discussions & meetings , engage with various stakeholders like startups, Universities for the collaboration & also give knowldge about the analytics pipeline within our team. As i am the expert here , with an experience of about 2 - 3 years, i need to discuss with them how they can leverage our Scientific Pipeline in delivering the Analytics Products . Also this would be an opportunity to meet the my Team members & share knowledge through PPts & live demos with them on tools like spark etc,


Harika Bodepudi     01/02/2020 08:07 AM

Hi Shobhit,

May I know the outcome of your second attempt and how did it go?

I am in similar situation and I need to reapply now.

Thanks in advance.


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