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praveepe     10/07/2019 07:13 AM

My B1 VISA has been approved and this is what I feel after the interview

Your designation, monthly salary, how long you are working in the current company - these are the 3 major factors for approval. If all 3 are fair enough, you are going to get the VISA bit easier provided DS-160 should be filled accurately and answer confidently with eye contact. Check out docs and YouTube for mistakes on ds-160 and assistance for filling it if needed. Dress code should just be decent

If the above 3 are not up to the mark (like smaller designation, low salary, less experience in current company), then Interview is the major factor. Just be prepared for below regular questions advised by everyone here to answer confidently:

purpose of visit? Why you are chosen? Why ** weeks? Why can't you do it from here?

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BLADI     10/07/2019 20:57 PM

100% SPOT ON!!!


Harshit2019     10/08/2019 02:01 AM

I have a question so please advise what will be a best answer as per your understanding..

If vO ask’ why you need two weeks?


praveepe     10/09/2019 10:21 AM

First of all that should match the "purpose of visit". 2 weeks should justify itself in the purpose of visit and trust me 2 weeks is very decent time so no one will refuse because of it unless your purpose of visit is a one liner like business meetings. Don't give routine answers for purpose of visit, even if you are going for meetings try to frame it a professional manner

I am going for 4 weeks and when they asked me why do you need a month (which is my last question? I just started saying I need to meet different teams and .... in the mean time VO said your visa is approved, thank you. So it is not a big deal if your purpose of visit and DS-160 looks genuine for them


Harshit2019     10/10/2019 18:03 PM

If VO ask “ why do you need 2 weeks”

So is it ok if I say.. I will have a meeting with multiple business leaders of different department...

Please advise


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