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anki1234     10/08/2019 23:28 PM

I had been planning to visit a friend who is working in the united states. I applied for a B1 for the same. 10 days after I applied, my manager (Who is based in USA) asked me to come to USA for a business meeting. Since I had already applied for the visa, I decided to go ahead with the same application after consulting my corporate visa agent. My visa was rejected and my manager asked me to apply again. I did get an appointment 2 weeks after the first rejection , this time the application was for a business meeting. This too was rejected under 214(b). I had all the relevant documents in place, but the officer didnt check them. Is there a possibility to get it approved the third time? I wish to visit in June/July next year?
I am 26 years old, unmarried woman.

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chetan9961     10/09/2019 15:32 PM

It is recommended that you shouldn't re-apply very soon after rejection until and unless there is some significant changes in your application. Like you got promoted, got hike, got married, etc.

The consular would get a feeling that you desperately want to enter into United States. The interview is not about legit documents. It is all about your true intentions and consular guys are trained enough to read you in seconds.

Please elaborate what was asked in your interview and wait at least one year before you apply for the third time.


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