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somya91     10/16/2019 04:26 AM

I am penning down my experience as few of the experiences in this community has helped me shape and articulate my responses. So this was my 2nd B1 application in a span of 10 months. So I can add in both my experiences.

Jan 2019: I has joined my company on 2nd of Jan and was asked to attend an annual event in end of January so I had to get my visa sorted ASAP. I could get an appointment only at the Delhi embassy due to the time constraint.

VO: Whats the purpose of your visit?
Me: I am invited to attend our company's annual sales kick off in New Orleans.

VO: Is this your first time to the US?
Me: Yes

VO: When did you join the company?
Me: 2nd of Jan, 2019

VO: What is your salary?
Me xxx per month

VO: You said you are a product manager?
Me: Yes, Senior Product Manager

VO: Have you traveled for business before?
Me: No

VO: You are not eligible for a non-immigrant Visa this time, if you company asks for a reason please show this slip.

16th October,2019: Mumbai Consulate

VO: So, why are you visiting the US?
Me: I will be visiting my company headquarters in Naples, Florida. I have been invited by my human resources team to attend a development training program. I will also be attending internal meetings with business stakeholders and the leadership team based out of the headquarters.

VO: What's your designation?
Me: Senior Product Manager

VO: How many people report into you?
Me: I don't have a team reporting into me but I have a regional role and manage multiple markets like South Asia, ASEAN and the Middle East.

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes

VO: Where is your husband based and what does he do?
Me: He is based out of Mumbai and works in a Private bank

VO: Does he have a US visa OR has he applied for one?
Me: No for both

VO: Does he intend to apply for a US visa?
Me: Not in the near future

VO: I see you applied for a B1 in Jan?
Me: Yes, I was invited to attend my company annual kick off in the end of Jan 2019

VO: And that was just a few days after you had joined?
Me: Yes, coincidentally the kick off was around the time I had joined so I was asked to attend the same

VO: You said you are going for training? Do you have a letter? Can you show that?
Me: Yes please

VO: (He scans through the letter, word by word).. Can you wait a moment, I'll be right back! (I could see walk off and enter a cabin and sit down, it was visible from where I was standing and after 3-4 minutes, he returns back with my passport and the invitation letter)

VO: What's your designation again?
Me: Senior Product Manager

VO: So your company is into financial payment transfer and related technology?
Me: Yes

After typing for 2-3 minutes, he looks up

VO: Your visa is approved. You will get a notification once your passport is ready for collection. Have a great day.
Me: Thank you so much. Have a great day ahead.

I agree to the fact somebody mentioned below, the experience is unique for every case and the decision takes into account a number of factors pertaining to that particular case. Hope this helps!

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