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doctorshalini     10/17/2019 00:57 AM

Hi all,

This forum was helpful. I am thankful to all the people who posted their experiences and all those experts who have guided the applicants.

This is my case. I am
1. First time applicant for B1 visa
2. Doctor by profession with 6yrs of work experience
3. Experience with current company: 4 months only (I am hired by my current employer for
this project because I have specific skill-set)
4. Purpose of travel: Knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer from the client related to the project - "Business meeting and discussions as per Invite letter from my Employer"
5. Duration of travel- 4 weeks
6. Never been to any-other country before
7. Current CTC - 8.5 LPA
8. Designation: Team Lead
9. Married but living separately (not divorced or filed for divorce) and have a 4 yr old daughter living with me and studying UKG
10. I am living with my parents who are dependent on me.

My VISA experience:
Greetings from me and VO responded politely.
1. What is the purpose of your travel?
A. Business meetings and discussions and explained about my project in 2-3 sentences
2. What is the duration of your travel?
A. It is for 4 weeks. I told about my each weeks schedule in detail
3. What is your Graduation?
A. I mentioned about my graduation and profession
4. For which company are you working for?
A. XXX Company
5. Is your travel sponsored by your company?
A. Yes
6. From which location are you working from?
A. From XXX location - India
7. For how long are you been associated with XXX company?
A. I mentioned that I am recently hired by my company for this project for which I am travelling, and it’s been 4 months since I joined.
8. Do you have any relatives in US?
A. No
9. Do you have a family here in India? And your family consists of?
A. Yes, I have a 4 yrs. old daughter and I am living with my parents, who are dependent on me.

Outcome: Maam, your Visa is approved.

I wore my company ID card. No documents were asked for or verified.

My suggestions:
I am a first time applicant, new to my company, and never traveled before. There were so many opinions about my VISA application from friends, colleagues and family. Just be confident (not over confident), dress up decently, speak politely, answer to the point, and dont be nervous (VISA denial is not the end of the world - keep that attitude). If your qualification, experience and purpose are in sync, I think it should work out. All the best !

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