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mazeed     10/17/2019 23:01 PM


My VISA has been rejected twice for now and I have given my experience in other post. This time my agenda is very clear for new project I am going to onsite to meet different business vendors and stakeholders for further discussions on upcoming project .

How can I prove myself like I am not a potential immigrant and my business trip is very important to my client as well as my employer as I am only having much experience with same client.

Can I reapply again as its very important travel for me and employer or again they reject.... how much time I need to wait to reapply again without any impact of previous rejection.

If I reapply now how can I convince like I am not a potential immigrant and my intention is very clear and I have invitation letter and clear agenda and all ties in here again to come back

Thanks in advance and appreciate your response.


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BLADI     10/17/2019 23:30 PM

Sorry about your ordeal.


KHAN_564     10/25/2019 14:04 PM

hello , u can apply again anytime.
in my point of view your purpose of visit must be very clear and it should show what is your importance to be there.
if you go through all the experiences shared in this site u can understand. spend 2 hrs daily reading all the post in this site for 1 week you will be clear about that.


mazeed     10/30/2019 11:26 AM

Hi Khan,

Thanks for your response. Is there any impact of rejection of two times my B1 VISA , if company wanted to apply for H1 or L1.

What would be the answer like tell the team members name to whom you are going to meet as part of your business meetings.
As these are business meetings and how come we know names of different vendors or stakeholders. I just know about the different vendor names.
My second rejection was with the question like VO asked me like tell me some names of team members you are going to meet as part of your business meetings.



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