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Hari Krishna 91     10/20/2019 04:22 AM

Hi I have applied for C1D VISA to join cruise and finally got rejected kindly advise me where I am gone wrong and let known how could I rectify the mistake when I reapply again.

Me: Good morning mam
Vo: Documents please
Me : Given the documents offer letter, agency letter, passport, Bahamas Cdc,
Vo: contract period
Me: 6 months
Vo: was checking system for a while
Vo: Have you sailed before
Me: No I am going to sail for the first time
Vo: was checking the system for a while
Vo: How much of experience do you have
Me: 65 months
Vo: Smiled and said to convert it in years and checking in system
Me: 5 years and 4 months
Vo: checking system for a while and printed out 214(b) rejection paper and given and said sorry your not eligible for visa right now.
Me: may I know the reason for the rejection
Vo: it's mentioned in the paper given

Please give me a feedback regarding this to my mailid [email protected] and would like to know if I can reapply immediately for visa again and let me know what mistakes I have done

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