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nicky_b3     10/20/2019 18:57 PM

I want to share my experience with you (employment base). I was a J1 visa holder, I switched to F1, I got CPT from school and found a job in July 2017. The company decided to sponsor me.
So this is the timeline for my 485 application:

02/13/2018 Priority Date
06/05/2018 PERM approved
11/16/2018 EAD and advance parole Approved
11/26/2018 received EAD/advance parole
04/16/2019 received R.F.E. letter for the i140
05/23/2019 i140 approved
07/22/2019 case transferred to another office
08/26/2019 case ready to be scheduled for interview
08/30/2019 interview was scheduled
09/07/2019 received interview letter
10/07/2019 interview (Baltimore office)
Case must be reviewed (because I changed employers, so I brought 485j form at the interview)
10/09/2019 Case approved
10/11/2019 card mailed
10/15/2019 Post Office picked up card & I got the 485 and 485j approval notice in my mail box
10/18/2019 card in hand

Thank you all for sharing your experiences here. I learned a lot during the process from this forum. That's why I decided to share it with you.
Interview was smooth (IO asked for my birth certificate, i20's, confirm name/d.o.b/name of parents, he asked for my last entry, i94), he asked if i work for the i140 petitioner, I said NO, then I gave him my 485j supplement. And then case had to be reviewed. I think the key point in all this process is to maintain status and to have patience.

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sunlite     10/20/2019 19:41 PM

I'm in a similar situation as I changed employer and submitted supplement J at the interview. But i'm in retrogression train and waiting for decision... Was it a smooth interview for you? What docs did you provide other than Supplement J? offer letter, paystub. anything else?


nicky_b3     10/27/2019 14:57 PM

From the new employer I just gave the supplement J and an employment letter. No pay stubs, because I didn't start work for them until after the interview. They did not ask for anything else from the new employer.


nicky_b3     10/27/2019 15:26 PM

The interview was smooth. Just confirmed my personal info from the application, showed them the birth certificate, i94s, all the i20s copies. This is what they asked for.


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