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ajith947     10/29/2019 06:04 AM

Hi all,

I am working in xx company in tech lead role and have experience around 8+ years. in current yy company working around 1.4 years. don't have any travel experience. going for requirement gathering and knowledge transfer from client company, Please help me to elaborate the below ques ,

1.Purpose of visit - (requirement gathering and knowledge transfer)
2. why you cant do it from here
3. why you are chosen
4. why you staying 4 weeks

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Deps     11/13/2019 06:48 AM

Hello Ajith,

Are you done with your Visa Interview? Hope your visa approved.

Can you please tell me what all Question VO has asked you and your what was your reply to those question.

I also have interview scheduled on 11th Dec,19.



singhraj3110     12/09/2019 05:31 AM

If your designation is not lead and some developer or s/w engineer, high chances of getting rejected


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