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[email protected]     10/29/2019 16:28 PM

Recently, I had an exceptionally positive experience with Insubuy which has prompted me to write this review. I realize that this review is somewhat lengthy, regardless I still wanted to share the details for the benefit of others.

Earlier this year (2019), I visited the US. I bought a travel medical insurance from Insubuy.com. Unfortunately, during the trip, I had a medical emergency and needed care. The insurance plan I bought was based on a PPO that partnered with an extensive network of providers (hospitals, labs, doctors etc.), which made it easy to find in-network healthcare near me.

Unlike some other parts of the world, medical care in the US is extremely expensive. In a few weeks, I started receiving (unsurprisingly) large medical bills. I promptly filed the claim. While I was waiting for the insurance company to process my claim, I contacted Insubuy to benefit from their expertise. Jagruti (from Insubuy) promptly responded. Since my claim was rather complex, she roped in the claim resolution specialist, the legal department and other experts at Insubuy. Due to Jagruti and her team's immense help, my claim was favorably processed in a timely order.

Predictably, my experience with Insubuy has been very positive. Here are the three things that clearly stood out to me:
(1) Desire to help the customer: clearly, every insurance broker claims they care for the customer, however, many brokers simply abandon their clients once they receive their money. Insubuy is different. Insubuy was there to support me when I needed them - both pre-sale and post-sale.
(2) Capability to help the customer: owing to the duration of their relationship with the insurance companies and due to the volume of business they generate, the insurance companies give ample attention to Insubuy customers.
(3) Expertise to help the customer: Insurance is too complex for the layman- Insubuy has the experts who can help when the need arises.

In summary, even though the same insurance plan is available at hundreds of websites at similar rates, there is a significant advantage in purchasing the insurance through a broker who really cares for the customer post-sale. After my experience, I certainly consider Insubuy as a great broker and I highly recommend them.

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