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2018-filer     10/31/2019 13:42 PM


I'd like to share my timeline and happy to answer any questions as a special thank to this forum and encouragement from you all.

PD: 02/15/2018
I-140 approved: 09/19/2018
I-485 filed: 10/25/2018
Biometrics done: 11/30/2018
RFE (supplement J): 06/03/2019
ID: 08/06/2019
New card is being produced: 10/23/2019 (10pm)
Card in hand: 10/30/2019

The interview was really tough with over a hundred questions in 2 hours. Thanks God I made it through and got the card in hand now.

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fdb2171     10/31/2019 14:23 PM

Congrats! What status were you in during interview? I had a tough interview as well, which made me worry that my case will be delayed. Did you have all documents officer asked? Any RFE after interview? Thanks


2018-filer     11/01/2019 10:35 AM

Thanks! Technically I was still under H1B status (second H1B) when I did the interview but I did get the EAD before that. I did my interview in the morning and traveled out country right after the interview which made me so worried about my green card approval. The day I returned the US, the border immigrant offer did not let me in. Two police escorted me to a special room and verified my status which was exactly what my attorney reminded me before my trip.

Yes I prepared very well for the interview and provided the officer all documents she asked. No RFE/RFI after the interview, just a grey period of frustrating of waiting. I checked status every day/hour desperately and started going crazy when seeing other cases after mine got approved. But finally it came late at night around 10pm.

Just be patient and your day will come very soon. ALL BEST LUCK TO YOU!!


FaitHope     10/31/2019 14:38 PM

I am waiting for my interview as well. Could you please share some of the tough questions you were asked? It will help me to be well prepared with less nervousness.
Thank you!


2018-filer     11/01/2019 11:17 AM

Tough questions: where/when you used to live both in the US and your original country (date range, exact address) your answers must be matched with your wife/kids answers. Where/when you got married - if the date on your marriage cert is different from the wedding date, be prepared to explain. Is our study related to your current work? why did your company decide to sponsor you?. Is your work important to the company?



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