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frly     10/31/2019 20:53 PM

Hi all,
Wanted to check if anyone affected from retrogression and interviewed in Chicago received their green card yet?
I feel like a lot of people are being approved in the past 2 days but I have not seen anyone from Chicago.
My interview was on 8.19, and my uscis status is still interview has been scheduled.

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GPNY     10/31/2019 21:33 PM

Hi, I am waiting since 7.19 and still nothing also from Chicago. I am losing my mind, I do not know what is going on...


frly     10/31/2019 22:14 PM

Okay, well I am sorry to hear that. I just hope we get cleared soon. Happy snow day btw!


GPNY     10/31/2019 23:17 PM

If you will get some updates please let me know. I do not know why it is taking so long, hopefully we will get them soon. Thanks, happy snow day!


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