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nwhitehead     10/31/2019 23:43 PM


Me and my husband had the interview on August 15th 2019 in San Jose field office. We had to bring Supplement J documents with us, cause there wasn't enough time to send them to the main office. Interview itself went very smoothly. The officer said we would get the update in October/November. Both our statuses still are "Interview was scheduled...".
Has anyone with the same office and time period got any update yet?

Or if you had brought Supplement J with you , please share your experience, how much longer it took to process or anything will be helpful.


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Lastmile     11/01/2019 02:52 AM

ID - August 19th in san jose office. My status also says interview was scheduled. IO told us about the retrogression and mentioned we would have to wait till October or further down the road. So I'm also waiting...


mhkl     11/01/2019 11:43 AM

That seems pretty normal so far, a fair number of people, including I, who had their interview last summer are in the same situation with the same status update. We just need to wait a bit more :)
On my end, I brought a supplement J to my interview (SF, on Aug 26th) but I wasn't asked to present it or not and the officer said my case looked good.


sfbayfiler     11/01/2019 12:18 PM

Interviewed on July 30 (EB3 ROW) in San Jose and was hit by retrogression. Got the case approval notice on October 30, literally 2 days ago. Didn't need supplement J in my case.


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