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md.chowdhury     11/11/2019 16:18 PM

I am currently inH1b with i485 applied for green card. I have a valid h1b visa stamping. My finance also has a valid f1 visa, to travel to our home country. Our plan is to visit our country this December and getting married there (outside USA). After the marriage I we will come back to USA and will be adding my wife with my i485 application (called derivative 485). The query is, if she re-enters US after the vacation of December, gets married and then applies for i-485 derivative, after marriage in USA, then is it a violation of F1 intent? Is her I-485 derivative/green card going to be denied due to the violation of intent? What is your suggestion.

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BLADI     11/11/2019 22:03 PM

Here is the thing, you guys might have a "STOKES" interview during the I-485 adjudication if the Immigration Officer suspects so. However, as long as it is a real GENUINE marriage then you would have nothing to worry about.
Just have a lot of evidence for courtship WAAAAY prior to you guys decided to marry. USCIS always wants to make sure the marriage was entered in good faith to live as a BONAFIDE husband and wife and NOT TO CIRCUMVENT U.S LAWS FOR AN IMMIGRATION BENEFIT.


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