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Engineer 999     11/18/2019 04:38 AM

Place : Bombay
Status : Rejected
Date of interview 18/nov/2019
Time : 9:45
Window : 37
Completed In india : B.E in Civil Engineering
Applied for In USA : MBA (Project Management)

Officer rejected one Sardarji with F1 visa infront of me.
VO called me with hand gesture in front of the window even before sardarji lefts the window, I guess he was desperate to reject me.

Me : Good Morning
VO : Good morning, passport and i20.
Me : Given.
VO : why this university?
Me : Course structure and subjects of this university are providing me nice transition from an engineering background to the business sector. University also has two major ongoing.....( interrupts me before completion of my answer and said every American university provides the same )
VO : your visa is rejected.
Me : I walked away without saying a single word as I knew arguing with him will not work.

Can U imagine???? Just one question and got rejected.

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Engineer 999     11/18/2019 04:46 AM

My two other friends also got rejected the same day on F1 visa.
One was asked for total 9 questions and other one was asked around 7 usual questions. Why this uni., who is sponsoring...


shaheryar anjum     11/18/2019 06:31 AM

I heard that they already make a decision based on your application (DS-160). Probably try again with a better more comprehensive application.
Review your application again and see what can be improved or emphasized.


BLADI     11/18/2019 22:38 PM

Most times - YES
People want to invest more on the questions and answers they might be asked and subliminal ignore the DS-160 failing to realise that's where the RUBBER TOUCHES THE ROAD.
It's a Psychology document that applicants can't even tell.

Dude, Consular too must have been having that type of day. When you hear them ask applicants the same questions over and over like 'Why this University' and they keep issuing denials, it's because they keep hearing the same rehearsed answers over and over. and that can become tedious.


Engineer 999     11/19/2019 01:48 AM

Hundreds of people appear for F1 visa everyday so it's quite obvious that some answer might get sound similar and usual but it doesn't mean that my answer was not genuine and he could have asked me some questions at least so I can convince them that I am a genuine student.


BLADI     11/19/2019 22:07 PM



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