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mohan- ()     07/20/2004 10:47 AM

I had an interesting experience in getting my F1 visa on the second time. I had my first interview on 3rd June (for F1 visa to join Univ of houston for PhD in chemical engineering in fall 2004). When the officer asked me about the specific area of interest, i told him an area and just named an Indian professor working in the same area (unfortunately, the professor is also the director of admissions and has signed my admission letter which the officer was looking when i named the professor). The next question the officer asked was how many students are going to join. I told him that, as far as i know four more Indian students are going to join. what the officer thought that all the Indian guys are going to join the same indian professor (the fact is that even i am not going to be certain to jion that professor) and in fact the Indian professor is responsible for just bringing all indians into the US. So, he rejected me saying that i would not return. No chance was given to clarify what i said. I was dejected on that day. I was so lucky that when i went to internet centre to book another appointment, I got an appointment on the very next day (4th june 2004). I made up my mind and went the next day. This time different officer, asked me what happened the first time. I told that the officer mistook what i said. This officer just asked what is my future plan and just gave me the visa.

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