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Harsh Parekh- ()     08/15/2004 13:53 PM

Fellow US Student visa seekers, US visa is all about luck more than meeting necessities. I have been rejected for 4 times for different reasons and still have applied for 5th time. Answering the question confidently and honsetly will get you your visas.If you do not know something the officer asks you honestly say i dont know,your honesty will appeal to him. There have been instances and cases of my refrence where people have got visas in the 5th,6th,7th and also 9th time,so DONT GIVE UP! After my first interview everytime i went to the embassy i have felt more confident.I was rejected twice because of my academic backgrounds and the other time for my finances though everytime i had them in correct order.The moment i went to the officer i knew that he had made up his mind for not giving me.There are 5 things according to me which are very important in order to aquire a student visa.

1> Confidence and Honesty
2> Acceptance by a reputed University and a SEVIS mode I-20
3> Enough funds (prefrebly liquid cash) to support your entire education and living costs.
4> Non-Immigrant Intentions
5> Strong family ties and Scope of businees/Job in India.

It is very important to do a little research about your University (no ranks) and the field you are going to get your degree for because the officer might ask you details about it and find out your genuinty as a student.
Never hurt the Ego of the officer and be very polite to all people around you and do not worry or stammer when you answer something wrong always keep a convincing answer if you know that he is doubting you. Mugging up answers wont help rather just understand the jist and be very alert.
Judge the officers intrest in your answer and dont volunteer things if not required.
One more important thing the students usually say "My father/Sponsor pays a IT return of 2 lakhs but his income is more" this creates a doubt about the genunity of the source of Income.
Be very polite while answering but very high pitched and firm. Smile only when necessary. Do not ask him to see your documents if he dosent ask for.You should know every word you are speaking for because everything you say is recorded in the computer. I have given all my exprince and knwoledge to help my fellow Students.You can always mail me if any queries i shall very happily answer them.

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