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Harsh Parekh- ()     08/17/2004 16:20 PM

This experince and advice i am giving you is specially for those people like Mr.Raj from Hyderabad and all those students who's visas were rejected "I dont think that you shall return back to India after your studies".This is the reason given by the officer to 99% of the applications who's visas are rejected. Therefore it is very important to Understand the Visa Officers working pattern and the working behind rejection of the visa.

The Counular officer is forced to doubt any NON-IMMIGRANT visa applicant having intentions to immigrate to the U.S.A which they do not want. No document or Letter can get you the visa. You have to convince the officer that you shall return to your country after a temporary stay in U.S.A during your interview.The counsular officer may not look at the documents you are carrying and would reject your visa on the basis of the Interview.Like Mr.Raj from hyderabad said that he would be Joining his dads business after the M.S and definetly he would not grant you the visa as you can join him withouth going to U.S.A. You have to show specific arrangements with good firms and also caary letters from Good companies demanding the people with the kind of qualification you have.The point is that you have to convey that you have better payment and job/businnes opputrunites in India after your education.Expressing of financial ties and family ties is also euqally important.Besides you can always join and maintain the family business witht the qualifications aquired from India.It is advisible to go there only if you have speicfic plans and make use of the education you get from America.

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