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Harsh Parekh- ()     08/17/2004 16:31 PM

After your first/second/third..or more rejections if you still plan to apply for the visa it is always advisible to take a date after 5 working days from the date of rejection and the usual rule is 3 days.You need not worry if you get a date latter than 5 days. The reason for this gap is not that the counsular dosent want to see your face the next day but it is to provide you with some time in oder to get your documentation and other lacking things in order and some introspection so that you can convince the officer in the next interview.It is always advisible to make some changes in your application forms (better refrences) and also add some more documents to support your case even better based on your previous rejections.(Academinc,Financial,Other)As every time you go they have a case summary and reasons for the previous rejctions so they normally do not ask the same questions, but it is quite possible that the officer might ask you similar or a few of the same questions from the previous time just to make sure that are you genuine.

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