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Harsh Parekh- ()     08/17/2004 16:55 PM

Though America being the most popular choice for students around the world for Higher studies becuase it is a land of opportunities and plenty but it is not the only country.Since US has follwed open door policies till 2000 the demand for American studies has increased in comparision from other countries.Therfore it is very important to know that there are other countries having an equally great repute in higher education and other opportunities.After America there are 4 other countries which stand in equal stature with U.S.A for higher studies and specalizations namely Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, France and Germany.Being a student of canada for 5 years also allows you to work or study in American Land for 2 years additonaly.Countries like france and germany also today host about 80,000 international students.America and Australia today are the two countries popular for all students seeking to purse higher studies and both these counrties are ranked #1 for their Universities and student exprinces.They host about 1,60,000 international students annually contributing 11 billion dollars to both the economies.Sometimes it is very necessary to explore other oppurtunites and options because life cannot just be stuck with one. Great Leaders of the world have also got their education from australian universities. Nicole Kidman,Foriegn Affairs minister of singapore, Prime Minister of New Zealand,Foriegn Affairs minitser of United Kingdom,President of the Motion Pictures Association of America and till the extent that during the world war 2 most of the congressmen and senators had send their sons and daughters to Australia for studies and education.Even the Ex-Fedral Justine of America had completed part of her studies in Australia.America had 2 decades for it complete flourishment and enrichment and today it has reached saturation. It is no more a land of oppurtunity and plenty. Crashing economy,Lack of jobs and constant harrasment by Immigrations and nuteralisation people has made life difficult for Non-Immigrants.The land of free has no more that freedome it used to enjoy.

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