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sufian- ()     10/22/2004 13:09 PM

hy readers,i was readin the expereince of you guyz and i feel some waht satisfied that i m not the only one who is rejected for US visa for no reason,i had interview for 35 minuts and visa counsler was asking em questions like wat is the area of university,how many deaprtments are there,name of dean of unjiversity,adress of university.i answered them all bcoz i went there with full preparation.i had a well-setteled family business here and i was really going for just STUDIES.and i told that visa counsler but at the end visa counsler said i can issue you visa becoz of no reason.and i was like.hello it took me 6 months to complete my documenst as i have completed all my documenst my self and i had everythting ready for studies,but she said NO COMMENTS..its such a bullshit.but anyways i m not aplying for US again never.I Will go for UK ,i hope britishers are good people than american.

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