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h1bandcounting- ()     06/30/2011 02:07 AM

Here is the template for those who plan to go to Nogales Mexico for H1b Stamping.

1. If you are in Phoenix,AZ just drive to border and walk across the border.

2.If you planning to flying from out of state then fly to Tuscon,AZ.

3. It takes an 1 hr to reach the AZ border from TUS by shuttle. you can get the shuttle from Airport.

4.Do not plan to stay in Nogales,AZ you are better staying at TUS . Atleast you can get comfy and clean accomodation.
5.Take the appointment before 3 weeks so that PIMS get updated.

6. I have seen some desi motel owners advertising in the forums saying that they will help you. In reality no one can help you . What they are trying to do is to sell their filthy motel at premium price to you . DO NOT STAY in Motel at Nogales,AZ you will regret.

7. Arrive a day before in AZ or early morning then schedule the finger printing ASC appoinment accordingly. Say if you have ASC appmnt at 12 PM then you have choice of staying a night at an airport hotel in TUS and taking the early morning shuttle to border. Else you could go directly to "Frey Marco De Niza" , a hotel near border.
Frey Marco De Niza is atleast 10 times the better than Desi motel at Nogales,AZ. Makes to to arrive in mexico before 6 PM.

8. Plan to stay in Nogales ,MX for atleast two nights,may be longer.

9. Make sure to have all your documents , they will ask you everything but if you are eligible you will get it.
10.When at Frey Marco De Niza, plan to eat there , it is very good . Also plan to tip accordingly ,it is an upscale place . for $20-$4 is good tip.

11. Things are as expensive as US or may be more
12.Keep in mind that Mexican GDP is almost 5 times that of India. They are rich by Indian standards.
13. I found the Nogales ,Mexico safe place I have gone out at 6 AM and 8 PM . Please dont take my word for it , if you are afraid stick to the itenery.
14.Do not entertain anyone who recognizes you as foreigner and start to converse in English , incase you need anything ask the hotel staff(tip the for the services after vacating , for two days $5 is medium )
14.you may get the passport a day after consular interview at 4 PM . If you think you will get it before that then I would say that is very optimistic thought.

15.Finger printing they may allow you before appmnt time depending how busy they are.

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