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Savitha Sabarinathan- ()     02/02/2007 14:33 PM

I have valid L1 visa and have different kind of issue happen for my I94.
I landed USA on Jan-28th and done immigration and customs. So, after 2 day, ie., on Jan-30 I went to SSN office to apply my ssn number. There the SSN administrative officer told me that my I94 have some problem. Ie., some one is using my I94 L1 number. They return in a paper like “Your I-94 Class L1 is assigned to someone else in the USCIS save data base; therefore you must Obtain a new I-94”, so they denied my SSN number. So, I feel panic and went to Nearest Immigration center in the international airport to get new I94. But the immigration officer also told me that he can’t help me until the data will reflect in the system, so it will take 2 weeks to get the I94 status.

Now, i feel really tensed, since I didn’t do any mistake on that then how do I’ll solve this problem. Can any please advice me that how I’ll resolve this issue.

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