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insubuy     05/29/2003 21:08 PM

I had to travel to Indianapolis for business trip and while going there, there was no problem at Baltimore airport(BWI) except long line at security check which is quite common now a days.

While returning back, I was asked to do self-service check in at Continental as I had e-ticket. While I got my boarding passes, there was 'S' written all over it, with a circle around each 'S'. There was a huge line at security check because US president was in town around that time and when I got near the actual check, security person over there told me, you are 'Special' (S stands for Special). Now I am not sure whether S stands for 'Special' or for 'Search'. I had to go in a smaller line and separate counter. I was thoroughly checked including I had to remove each and every credit card, insurance card from my wallet. And security guy was putting metal detector on each card and asking me why that beeps! Security is important but what can do I if credit card beeps in metal detector? I had to remove my shoes, I had to remove my laptop, PDA, cell phone everything and I had switch them on and off.

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