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Srini Krishna- ()     03/31/2008 14:46 PM

This happened back in Jun 2007 when I was returning to India from Chicago O'Hare Intl.

At the security check, I kept my Wallet, shoes, all metal coins etc and when I was removing my watch, the agent said, u donot have to. Since she said that, I did not and went thru the security check point and it beeped !

Immediately the agent said I told you to remove and quarantine all metal stuff, now go back and do that and come thru.
I went back and then checked all my pockets and I was clean and then went thru the sec check point again, and it beeped this time too!

Irritated agent came back and told me did u not hear me! now go back and come again!

I patiently came back and redid the whole process and I asked if i have to remove the watch as it obviously has the metal in it. She said you donot have and said these idiots donot understand at all and come all the way over here.

I lost my patience now and told her, u know what, i donot think u know what needs to be quarantined. And I can speak much better English than what you do, and I can prove it to u that its the watch that's beeping thru the checkpoint and removed my watch and waved it thru the checkpoint and it beeped! Following this I threw my watch into the x-ray check and walked thru the check point with ease!

These guys think that they are the best, and which is never the case and insult asians to the core!

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