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Connie- ()     09/24/2011 16:32 PM

I posed on their Facebook and was remove immediately:Don't waste your time with this airline. They will cancel your flight days before your trip or possibly while you are on your trip and you will need to find a way home. You may have a 12 hour delay and be routed to a few different cities first that are not listed on your itinerary. Perhaps they just suddenly won't be flying there anymore. While they have known they weren’t flying that route anymore they just forgot to let you know. Their mechanical problems never end...SCARY. Then you will get, sorry tough luck, we can’t do anything about your prepaid condo arrangements, nor the cancellation fee, or the purchasing of tickets on a reputable carrier, and by-the-way the price is has more than doubled now for no advance purchase requirements have been met. Very greedy airline and who ever directs them needs to be FIRED. You will be lucky if you ever see your refund for they will stall and stall and give excuse after excuse and somehow blame you for their tricks. Cheap gets Cheap! RUN RUN RUN…..safetly and quality is worth paying for and you will end up paying more as a result of trying to purchase inexpensive... AVOID THEM FOR THEY ARE THE PLAGUE.

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