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Sam- ()     03/24/2008 20:16 PM

Walk out of any ICICI ATM, one would find an ICICI executive with a great offer. Sir.. all i need is your Mini statement from the ATM and we will give you a credit Card Free and that too a Gold one.

I guess I fell for it after saying a million NOs. I got my first jatka the second month after I received my card. ICICI debited my account for the minimum payable amount even without asking me. The reason being the payment didnt reach them on the due date.. (How would it unless they send the cheque for clearing). Had to navigate through the maze of menus of the IVR to get to a "friendly" agent online. Had to tell her highness that she isnt supposed to take money from my account without me authorising it. An apology and a good day followed. My money didnt come back but it got adjusted against my next month's billing. Cool isnt it.. You take the money first and then say sorry. Wish I could do that with Mr. K V Kamath.

Now comes the best part.. I am not sure if its true with all credit cards coz I just had ICICI card. Thankfully, first and the last.... no more cards.

My last month bill was for 15575/- and since I didnt have the statement with me while writing the cheque, I kinda guestimated and wrote a cheque of 15250/-. Guess what happens next. In my current month statement I am charged an interest of Rs. 772 + service tax of 52/- for not paying 325/-. Can anything get any COOLER than this.

I think we are sitting ducks for so called universal banks to get looted and cheated and roobed. I tried my level best to contact a credit card officer in ICICI branches. MG road and koramangala. The best part of it is that they dont have an officer to handle queries related to cards. The only contact point is the call centre.

I cant help but credit ICICI bank for coming up with the punch line "hum hain na" apko loot ne ke liye...

So here is me wishing all the credit card holders of ICICI bank all the best and hope and pray that you dont get into trouble with them.


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