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PS- ()     02/23/2006 14:33 PM

I was a victim of M & K travel recently. I booked 4 tickets for travel to India on Jan 27th 2006 on Lufthansa.Manny told me they accept only check. So I sent them a check for $5113.00 on Jan 6th and they cashed the check the very next day. They would block these tickets in Lufthansa each day with a new confirmation number as the old ones would cancel out.When I called them after they cashed the check to see when they would make my reservation Paul and Manny were so rude to me , they didnot give me any answer and hang up the phone on me. I contacted them quite a few times to ask why they are not making reservations yet as they cashed the check and they would give me no answer . Finally Paul and his son Manny didnot make any reservation for us on Lufthansa , what I realized is they were double booking reservations and in that process would bump someone off to accomadate me or vice-versa. But when I contacted Lufthsnsa, what they said is, the agent didnot purchase any tickets , they just blocked the reservation. I was going for a family emergency and couldnot afford to loose time . So I tried calling them lot of time as my trip date was getting closer to check the status of my reservation and I had no response from them on phone or email. Finally a couple of days before my traval date, when I didnot have reservations on Lufthansa, and when I didnot get any response from them either my phone or email I contacted the Fairfield police and then came to know that this guy Paul was arrested on Jan 20th 2006 for cheating lot of travellers and I had no hope to get tickets. So I had to immediately in a day contact another travel agent and make reservation at a higher price for my travel. I went to India and came back, but these guys really messed up my trip and also created such a hassle before my travel that I can never forget. These guys have no values, as I was mentionign to them that please dont mess up my reservation as I have an emergency to go to and cannot afford to miss, but still they cheated. These guys are a bunch of "CHEATS".

If I read these postings on this site before I wouldn't have fallen trap to this. Now that I am back from India I am looking at how to recover my $5113.00 back.


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mukesh- ()     05/02/2006 13:10 PM

it does'nt matter whether you book your ticket two month in advance or 2 days. he always give you his best ticket not your best?? he is biggest fraud.
he did it twice with me. first time he changed my flight just 24 hours before, second time he postponed my travel by himself by one day.the reason he gave me that his system was down and all the researvation got cancelled?? i don't how to trust such guys.
readers please be aware there may be more such frauds making lot of money in USA


Kumar- ()     12/12/2006 18:30 PM

Hi, Is there any upte to this M&K Travels cheating case. I am also one of the victime of M&K Travels. They cheated me about $2800, on flight reservations to India in december 2005. They even sent me a fake check for refund which was bounced.


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