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Karen- ()     03/02/2007 13:10 PM

I am Extremely shocked after reading all of this stuff. I am upset that someone could be so evil and I am angry that I fell for his lies. I have worked as an auditor AND now I am working in forensic accounting...so basically, I catch people like him! It's a shame that I'm constantly looking for "bad people" at work, but for some reason thought that nothing bad could actually happen to ME and My family. Paul basically has now created travel agencies with different names, instead of M&J. He's using three other names now. He took $2600 of my parent's money and he kept sending us unconfirmed iteneriaries. He said everything would be fine and I called him and asked "how could everything be fine when I talked to China airlines and they said these tickets are unconfirmed." He said, "don't worry, I will confirm them." Basically three days before my dad and brother were supposed to leave from India, I asked paul if he could refund our money so I could get the tickets from somewhere else and he said "sure, no problem." He sent us a check and it bounced...sent another one...and it bounced. Now we have come to find out that he is in the custody of San Francisco police! I hope we could get our money back, but it's not looking good. I can't believe our OWN Indian people could be so bad...I thought we were supposed to consider eachother family...I guess not!

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