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Alientech- ()     04/19/2010 01:49 AM

In Sept 2009 I had ordered the e-cig from STEAMZ. I paid the rs 2000 via pay
pal. They sent me the product but it never worked. I tried a few things but
after many emails I was told to return it. Well After I returned it, no more
replies and no product. I sent around 10 emails to various address of theirs.
I have been online ordering for 25 years or so. But you cant do anything when
they refuse to answer anything. So buyer beware if you order anything from

See my review at mouthshut for Electronic Cigarettes

Last week I ordered the same product from ojjasenterprizes.com for a third
the cost IE $600. I seen some bad reviews of them as well but at least they
delivered by next day and it works. Unlike the steamz product this had a
seperate hole to pass through the side of the liquid part in the tube to
inhale. I wondered how the steamz product would work since the inhaler had to
pass through the very same cotten that had the liquid. I think steam is a
fraud and their product does not work and it only used to cheat people like
those electricity saver products with an led in it and costing rs2000. The
product from ojjasenterprizes.com comes with 10 carts instead of 5 so it
should last enough for 5 packs. So at just over rs 100 per pack equivalent
compared to rs 500 for steamz per pack. I have placed an order for 3 more to
last me a few months. And the total cost for 3 months seems to end up being
less than using steamz for 5 days. Also the one from ojjasenterprizes.com
comes with a mains and car charger on top of it.

I am not pleased with the indan shopping experience. This is only 1 example of
many. So I am trying to learn how to deal with it. In US its 100:1, in India
it is more like 50% of them try to cheat you. Many times I dont mind the
cheating as long as they give you what you ask for. Usually those cheating
charge you more than international rates. Things in US are usually much more
expensive. IE you buy a levis pants for $150, in india you pay $200 for it and
get a cheap local one that wont last a week and it was really used by someone
for 2 years to give it that used look, just as an example. On the other hand
the 50% who do a good job really try hard to please you and deliver value. It
makes their job much much harder.

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earthlytechy- ()     04/28/2010 13:55 PM

Alien techy - You say that you have been ordering online for 25 years - haha. That in itself shows how credible you are. I have bought multiple items in India and am very happy with it.

If you are so unhappy with India merchants why dont you just stop doing it?


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