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Naagesh Rao S- ()     11/27/2012 04:29 AM

Yesterday I posted on my experience with RediffShopping.
My Experiences are

1. Response is absolutely poor thru 18002662333 help centre. Most of the time u will not get the line, if u get and select options, they wont take call.
2. Ojjas Enterprizes a supplier to rediffshopping sent me only one item instead of two in Buy one Get One scheme. They dont respond to ur mail or calls
3. I complained couple of times and put pressure on their CEO Mr Ajit Balakrishnan, it worked and today I got the GET ONE free item contact him directly [email protected]
4. One more item was due under that order which I placed on 13/nov 2012, got the item only yesterday.

 Supply of Ojjas is chamois cloth, which is of good quality and right dimension,
Supply from another supplier OYEHOYE.com, a car battery operated compressor metallic , was delayed but received yesterday. It is working

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