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Avinash- ()     06/01/2011 11:07 AM

I had my interview yesterday at the San Francisco office. It was good that my appointment was early in the morning. I only had to wait for 10 min. The officers were very friendly and guiding to what to do next. The officer asked me only six questions verbally about the Civics. They were very easy and clear. He asked me about my first and recent marriage and why I left my country. He asked me if I paid my taxes for last three years and if I had any driving violation to pay.
Have all the records in original and in copies to back up for this interview. If something is missing in their file you can just hand them out. This makes their life easier and your process goes faster. The key is don't try to hide anything as you're under oath! They are also checking if you're an honest person in general.
Be just yourself and clear in your answers and you will do just fine! Good Luck!

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